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Fracarro LP345F

Perfect for Low Signal Areas
Fully installed from just
Tech Specs

Product Overview

The Fracarro LP345F a Band 4, 4 & 5 log periodic TV aerial design is ideal for metropolitan and country areas where a mix of band 3, 4 & 5 TV signals need to be received. This product is made in Italy and imported direct from the factory. The log periodic design ensures a high gain and flat response.

Fits pole size 25-60mm.

Manufactured in Italy with quality materials
Unique Locking weather boot (see photo)
F Type connection for easy & quick installation
Light weight so there’s no need for time consuming guying or bracing.
Unique element serration allows for multiple rf contacts and excellent structural hold. (see photo)
Strong Element durability. These elements are flexible and strong. They can be bent without snapping. As the elements are thin, large birds cannot land and grip on them.

Hills FB608025 VHF Black Arrow

Designed Specifically for the Perth Metro Area
Full installed from just
Tech Specs

Product Overview

Tru-Band™ antennas are a revolutionary new VHF Only (Band 3 or Block A) antenna for Australian capital cities that have been designed for the digital-only TV environment.

Hills understand the potential for 4G/LTE interference with its range of Tru-Series antenna’s in certain installations areas and conditions.

Supporting our product Hills are introducing a range of products which are included with 4G filtering on selected Tru-Series Antennas allowing you the best performing installation and system possible regardless of location or 4G proximity.

Features & Benefits

Designed for the precise digital frequency bands for true HD performance
BoomLock™ manufacturing technology – patented by Hills
Sensational all-black finish for low visual impact
New mounting clamp for quicker and safer installation
Channels 6 – 12
Matched balun for best MER performance and lowest insertion loss
Ultrasonically sealed balun prevents water ingress for maximum reliability
Strong mechanical construction
Lightweight and compact
Fully designed and manufactured in Australia. Registered design

Hills Metro Plus Black Arrow

Purpose Built for Poor Signal Areas
Fully Installed From
Tech Specs

Product Overview

Hills FB608582 Tru-Band Metro Plus Black Arrow antennas are a revolutionary new combination antenna for Australian capital cities that have been designed for the digital-only TV environment in Australia. These antennas provide the highest digital performance characteristics, combined with sensational appearance and traditional Hills robust construction. The antenna configuration provides high gain for prime to inner fringe signal areas. A tuned diplexer balun combines the characteristics of the VHF and UHF sections of the antenna, whilst also rejecting out-of band interference signals that can cause digital picture break-up. The Hills TRU-BAND™ Metro antennas provide the highest MER performance against benchmark tests. Even when signal levels are relatively low, there is additional MER margin above the “cliff effect”, which ensures that the risk of pixelation is minimised. The basic TRU-BAND™ Metro antenna provides sufficient gain for all prime capital city areas and is built to provide years of trouble-free viewing. The TRU-BAND™ Metro Plus has additional gain for lower signal areas and comes in a sensational all-black finish for low visual impact, especially on modern homes. The TRU-BAND™ Active is manufactured with an active diplexer balun, that provides higher output levels for multiple TV sets or long cable runs. The active diplexer-balun is based on a novel push-pull single stage low noise amplifier that provides increased common-mode rejection and higher output capacity, ensuring genuine HD performance in a wide range of signal strength areas.

Designed for the precise digital frequency bands for true HD performance
Boomlock™ manufacturing technology – patent pending
New mounting clamp for quicker and safer installation
Channels 6 – 12; 28 – 38
Ultrasonically sealed balun prevents water ingress for maximum reliability
Matched diplexer balun provides cleanest digital TV signals and rejects interference
Strong mechanical construction
Lightweight and compact
Sensation black finish for low visual impact

TV Wall Mounting

Get the best possible experience from your HD, UHD or OLED TV and keep your little ones safe by having it professionally wall mounted by Dean from Northern Digital. It doesn't take long to do and the cost won't break the bank. Just check out the price list below and see for yourself.

Small TVs

<= 32"
Cantilever Turn-Tilt

Medium TVs

37" - 46"
Cantilever Turn-Tilt

Large TVs

50" - 65"
Cantilever Turn-Tilt

Extra Large TVs

70" - 85"
Cantilever Turn-Tilt

Home Internet Setup

If you want fast and reliable Internet access to all parts of your home, and to every family member and their devices, then contact Dean from Northern Digital today and he’ll make it happen for you in just a couple of hours and at a great price!

How We Can Help

Home/Office Network Setup
WiFi Network Setup
ISP Modem Setup / Configuration
Connection Issue Troubleshooting
Data Cabling Installation

Commercial & Domestic Data Cabling

Although most businesses and homes rely mostly on wireless Internet access these days, having a companion 'wired' ethernet connection installed makes good sense too. This is because a wired solution:

  • Better supports multiple users and devices
  • Is vastly superior for online gaming
  • Acts as an immediate backup when the wireless signal fails
  • Is much more secure from external compromise
  • Is less affected by distance, interference and signal degradation
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from $180 inc GST
from $250 inc GST
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* Prices are based on standard installation conditions for single storey business and homes. Multi-storey premises and/or unusual installation conditions may attract a higher charge. You will be advised of this in advance should it apply. Prices include GST, labour, cabling, fittings, base plates, adapters and connectors as required.

Home Entertainment Systems

There’s nothing better than you own custom home entertainment system to maximise your enjoyment of the vast array of video and television streaming services now available. Whether it’s just a simple setup in your first home, or the fully loaded home theatre for your dream castle, Dean from Northern Digital has got you covered.

Just The Basics
from $150.00*
Entertainment Centre
from $350.00*
The Whole Enchilada
from $750.00*
Full On Custom Job
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How We Can Help

Projector Units & Screen
Surround Sound Amplifiers
Streaming Services Setup
Media Player Configuration
TV Point Installation
Digital TV Tuning
Concealed Cables & Wiring
Panel TV Wall Mounting
Remote Control Setup
* Prices are based on prior projects completed of similar scope and complexity and are intended to act as a rough guide only. Prices include GST, labour, cabling, fittings, base plates, adapters and connectors as required. Prices do not include the entertainment equipment, packages, peripherals, services or products being installed.

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